Teamwork (3 of 3) Making it Work

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After choosing a team to work with, how exactly do you make it work? Here is what I have learned so far:

(1) Develop Respect for Each Other.
Do you really respect your teammate? If you can’t respect them, it is going to be hard to really work with them. Do you see them as a man of God? Or a lesser annoying untrained missionary.

(2) Treat them as Equals.
Do you treat your teammates as equals. It doesn’t matter your age, position in ministry, or how much experience you have if you are looking down on others. People want to work with those who listen to their ideas, who don’t crush their dreams, who treat them as equals.

(3) Be Genuine Friends.
Teammates should go past “acquaintances” to being genuine friends. Of course this is hard if you don’t genuinely like that person. You don’t have to force friendship. But you can lead, by trying to be their friend. Pray together. Eat together. Play together.

(4) Talk, Discuss and Stay in Contact.
Healthy conversation, chewing the fat, encouraging each other, and brainstorming is all part of the fun. But don’t get in the rut of arguing over the dumb issues. Avoid gossip and backstabbing. If you mess up, apologize.

(5) Share the glory but don’t steal it!
The up and downside of working together as a team is a victory is a victory for everyone. What do I mean? I mean when you work to get a victory don’t dismiss the team’s role in helping you get the victory. At the same time don’t steal the victory or work of others just because you are a team.

In conclusion, know that teamwork can be a great blessing. Yes, just like any relationship there will be those who take advantage of it. But once you experience working with a group of men of like passions from a distance and closely, you will be thankful for the opportunity and desire more people to be apart of this great team.

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