Deputation Tips: Random Advice

I often get asked about deputation. A while back I was asked by a friend about starting deputation and I sent him a list of random “tips” similar to the one below:

  • Get out of debt ASAP.
  • Save as much as possible.
  • Call as much as possible in the beginning (it is hard to after you are traveling).
  • Have an awesome video.
  • Work hard.
  • Preach the house down.
  • Be thankful in everything.
  • Don’t cry about a $5 love offering when it cost you $150 to get there.
  • Be a giver. Maybe you need to give to the pastor instead of him giving to you.
  • Trust God not money.
  • Keep a tender heart.
  • Don’t become prideful.
  • Know you are not a hero of the faith, no matter what people say.
  • Lift up Jesus!

I know this is random advice, and there is much more to say about deputation, but I hope this is helpful!

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