Deputation Tips: Presentation

Why does a church invite a missionary prospect to their church?

If they are interested in supporting him, usually they invite him to (1) hear about his mission (2) hear him preach the Word of God.

Churches want to know that you have a vision to be worthy of their investment and they want to know that you can handle the Word of God correctly.

A missionary should keep this in mind when presenting at a church. Many times a church will give the whole service to the missionary. A missionary with “many talents” can fill the service with those “talents” and give very little time to present his mission and the preaching of the Word.

We have to protect against loosing track of the reason we were invited to a church in the first place. The pastor invited you (most likely) because you called him and said that you are a missionary. Therefore, present the mission.

What does your presentation include and why?

Ask yourself, “What does this have to do with presenting my mission?”

Remember, you are standing in that pulpit for one reason, you are a missionary.

The one thing you should be required to do is preach. Everything else is not needed.

You and your family’s talents don’t have to be used in every setting. They shouldn’t be used in every setting.

My 4 year can quote scripture but a church doesn’t support me because of that.

What do people talk about after the service? The message? The presentation? Your mission? Your Country? Jesus? A funny illustration? How cute your kids can sing?

What do you want them to talk about?

You only have 20-45 minutes to present your mission to a church.

Present wisely.

1 thought on “Deputation Tips: Presentation

  1. Dustin Brown

    Great advice! As I plan our presentation, I guess the idea is for people to walk away seeing the need of the country and why they should partner with you to meet that need! Very helpful!!!


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