Deputation Tips: Die

The transition for a missionary who is working a job and going full-time on deputation can be hard.

The obvious reason is money. He can try to do both at the same time, but it goes slow. If he can start making arrangements six months before he wants to start full-time, I think this can be overcome.

The harder part seems to be realizing you need to die to your old life.

If you want to be successful on deputation and get to the field to start your ministry, you will have to die to your old life.

Full-time deputation means there is a new you, a new life, and a new ministry.

It is hard to leave friends and family. It is hard to not be there when all your friends get together after church. It is hard to not teach your Sunday school class anymore. It is hard to not be needed at your home church anymore. It is hard to watch everyone move on because you aren’t there.

Because of this “pull”, it is easier to constantly be there (home church) when you should be somewhere else (another church presenting and preaching).

As in many areas of missionary life, you have to die.

Moving forward means you have to leave some things behind.

You have to miss out.

Go after the dream.


1 thought on “Deputation Tips: Die

  1. Dustin Brown

    I’ve never thought of it that way! Great advice, glad I found your articles on deputation to be a help as we’ll be starting the process in the future. It’s amazing how the concept of dying to the old and letting the new you live can run into areas we might not even think about.


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