The Cult of Eastern Lightning (1 of 4) Introduction

We were working with a small group of people, when one of them invited their cousin, who recently moved to the city, to meet me. He was a national Chinese missionary.

We met and I talked with him for a short time. He asked me about receiving the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. The way he asked it, I was alarmed and warned those we were working with to “be careful” because of what other doctrines he might believe and teach. But thinking he was just of a Charismatic background.

I didn’t make anymore time to meet with him after that. Therefore, he sent me a book to read. I also receive a letter from one of the main guys I was working with about how confused he was from this man’s teachings (apparently he was having many that we were working with over to his house). I started to be worried.

The book was originally written in Chinese, but he gave me a copy translated into English. The name of the book was “The Word Appears in the Flesh” (Selected Pieces) published by the Church of the Almighty God.

I still was unclear what this meant. I did some quick research on the internet and realized it was a cult called “Eastern Lightning”.

As I read the book that was given to me and did more research online, I was absolutely disgusted by this group’s teachings. I have never read something with so much undermining to the Bible and Biblical Christianity.

If you are going to work in China, you should be aware of this group and their false teachings.

Here is a quick introduction:

“The Eastern Lightning cult was founded by Zhao Wei Shan in A Cheng in Hei Long Jiang province in 1989. Zhao used to be a member of a denomination called the Shouters. He later broke away with a group of people, and started a new sect called “Church of the Everlasting Foundation,” calling himself “The Powerful One.” Later on he joined with a woman named Deng in He Nan province. He began to call her “The Almighty God” – the female Christ in the flesh – and the name of the sect was at that time changed to “The Church of the True God.” The last name they have adopted for themselves is “The Eastern Lightning” which was taken from Matthew 24:27 in the Bible. At the present time, they have penetrated over 20 provinces in China; they have over a million followers and are attacking and greatly damaging Christian house churches in China.” [1] [[1]]

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