The Cult of Eastern Lightning (2 of 4) False Doctrine

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This group can be very deceiving, especially for Chinese house churches. This group was born out of a house church movement that believed to some decree “shouting” and crying in the church service was a sign of the Holy Spirit and thus being truly saved.

With this being the basis of their origin, they already knew how the house church works and its lack of Bible teaching. They knew how to use Biblical language to make up their own doctrine and mislead many down the wrong path.

This use of Biblical language and knowledge has been useful for them to undermine Biblical Christianity. Here are some of the heresies I found that they teach:

One God with Multiple Names (a denial of the Trinity)
This cult teaches that God is one with multiple names. His first name was Jehovah, then Jesus and now the Almighty. The same way you would give one person three different titles for three different jobs.

“Today, I am no longer Jehovah or Jesus whom people knew before but the God who has returned in the end time and who will end the age and the God Godself who arises from the ends of the earth, filled with all my nature and full of authority, honor, and glory.” [1]

Two Christs not One
This group defines “Christ” as God coming in the flesh to carry out his will in person. The first Christ was Jesus and the second Christ is called “the Almighty” which claims to be the second incarnation of God in a small Chinese women who is still on the earth today. This second Christ is also the last Christ, so no other can overcome her.

Three Ages of God’s Management Plan
This group believes there are three ages to God’s plan. This first was the Age of the Law. The Second was the Age of Grace. Thirdly, and currently is the age of Judgement. Just as the Age of Grace made void the age of the Law, so does the Age of Judgement make void the Age of Grace.

“I will do the conquering work in the Gentile nations, thereby ending the age. If people always call me Jesus Christ and yet do not know that I have opened a new age and carried out a newer work in the end time but keep waiting for the descent of the Saviour Jesus foolishly, I call all such people ones who do not believe in me, who do not know me, and who pretend to believe in me.” [2]

Rejecting the Bible and Undermining it’s Authority
This group makes a hard effort for Christians to turn against the Bible and only follow the “new revelation” that is given by this “new Christ”. The Bible is considered an outdated book and cannot help anyone in this current age.

“They equate ‘me’ with the ‘Bible’: no ‘Bible,’ no ‘me’ and no ‘me,’ no ‘Bible.’ They do no care about my existence or my deeds, but care much and greatly about every word of Scriptures.” [3]

“”Those who seek to be compatible with the letters of the Bible and those who only seek to be compatible with the vague god are low in my sight, because what they worship is dead letters, is a God that can bestow vast wealth to man, and is a nonexistent god manipulated by man in any way” [4]

Salvation Only Through the New Christ + Works
According to their teaching, everything that Jesus did is worthless if you reject the new Christ (since they are the same person). To reject the new Christ is to reject Jesus and Jehovah. They use confusing terms that are hard to pinpoint what they truly mean. For example, Jesus makes redemption possible but without the new Christ we can’t receive God’s “approval”. But ultimately, a believer in their teachings will ultimately be judge by their conduct, performances and deeds… to decide their outcome.

“I do not care how many people worship me. That is to say, I do not care how many people believe in me. I only care how many people are compatible with me.” [5]

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