The Cult of Eastern Lightning (3 of 4) Tactics

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Their way of convincing people seems to be to introduce truth, or state things as truth, and then introduce doubt, confusing a young Christian in the faith.

From here they combat “real truth” by playing on the emotions.

Anger and Judgement
The book is written in a very harsh way. It has a condescending and undermining tone. Since this is the age of judgement it seems to be proper to do so. They constantly warn those who reject this teaching of the new Christ, no matter what your previous belief was, you will be punished and perish.

“I tell you, those who believe in God because of miraculous signs are surely the brood to perish, and those who cannot accept the words spoken by the Jesus returning in the flesh are surely the sons of hell…” [1] (Note: “Jesus” here is referring to the new christ that is a woman).

Pharisees: A Scare Tactic
This cult quotes Matthew 24:23-24, which refers to false Christ and prophets. They undermine this verse by saying that we are so worried about these false teachers that we missed the second incarnation of god. They used the countless stories of the Pharisees who rejected Jesus and scare people with “Don’t be a Pharisee! They rejected Jesus and he was the first incarnation, I am the second and you are rejecting me, are you not a Pharisee?!”

Confusing Terminology
This group seeks to confuse Christians by using very similar terminology. Consider this sentence:

“You acknowledge that Christ is God’s incarnate flesh, but why do you take a scronful attitude toward her?” [2]

You aren’t really sure who they are talking about until you read the last word “her” and realize this sentence is referring to the second christ which is a woman.

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2 thoughts on “The Cult of Eastern Lightning (3 of 4) Tactics

  1. Naima

    Please someone who has more knowledge please tell me about these people
    I dont know am following the right way or not please please help me

    1. hayineolumHar

      Eastern Lightning is an evil scam. It is an arrogant fraud and a lie. You should be able to see that clearly if believe in the One True Creator. /the scamming woman from China is a fraudster. Open your eyes.


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