The Cult of Eastern Lightning (4 of 4) The Truth

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Every week when I stand up to teach the Word, I try to present the truth clearly and truthfully. Through my experience with this cult, I have tried to emphasis the truth even more specifically.

I think the best way to guard against the false teaching of this group is to emphasize the truth to the point that the believers in your local assembly will know immediately that their teachings are false because it doesn’t coincide with the truth that have already learned.

I think we should emphasize the following truths:

  • Know that False Christ and Prophets will arise.
  • The Bible is the Word of God and Our Only Authority.
  • Jesus is the Only Christ and the Only Way of Salvation.
  • The Trinity. One God. Three persons.
  • We are waiting for Jesus to return and are still in the “age of grace”.

Constantly, firmly and lovingly teach these truths of Scripture and pray.

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