Boldness: Two Reactions

Think about the following scenarios:

(A) You are a missionary to China. Are you excited and eager to get the gospel to as many people as possible. You pass out tracts openly. You try to talk with people about the gospel as much as possible and are earnestly trying to get the gospel out. One day, you give a tract to the wrong person and the next thing that you know, you are surrounded by police.

(B) You are a missionary to China. You are excited about getting the gospel to as many people as possible. You start a church and the gospel is being preach every week. One day the police show up and stop the service.

In both scenarios God does the miraculous. You don’t get kicked out of the country. You praise God for allowing you to stay and continue the work of the ministry.

Think about the two responses to the above scenarios:

(1) I was bold and got caught so I need I be careful. 
One can easily reason with themselves that they were being too bold and the line was drawn. Even though God delivered them from being kicked out of the country, there is a new cautiousness based on being caught instead of a new boldness based on God’s deliverance.

(2) I was bold and got caught but God delivered me, therefore, I have faith to be even bolder and trust God for another miracle.
 This one is harder to reckon to be true, but I think it is the right reaction to have. We see God work in our lives and we should trust him to do more. We need to see that He did it once and can do it again. It should build our faith to do even more than what we were doing before!

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