Weekly Mind Dump

✪ We have been around our home church all this month. Sunday night, I had the privilege to give the church an update and preach the evening service.

✪ My wife and two others from the Project China team sang a special in English and Chinese. They all did a fantastic job!

✪ After the service Sunday night, between 25-30 people from V.B.C. went to an authentic Chinese restaurant in Atlanta and enjoyed a time of food and fellowship together.

✪ Near the end of this week we are taking a vacation with my family from Ohio. We are really looking forward to it!

✪ China Video: We had to leave the mainland for a few days, so we took a trip to Hong Kong. While we were there we visited Disneyland!

✪ Next month I will be teaching a module course at the Our Generation Training Center on “A Theology of Persecution”. If you are interested, I invite you to come take part!

✪ We found out this week that my wife will have to have a minor outpatient surgery while we are in the States. Please pray for her.

✪ Past Post: Internet Survey – I found you on google!

✪ The Our Generation Camp is May 27 – May 31, 2013 (Mon – Fri) at Fort Bluff in Dayton, TN and cost $200 (special pricing for youth groups). Missionaries and preachers from around the world will be there to speak and share their life with you.

✪ I was excited to hear of more people surrendering to go to China! Who is next? Who will go? Who will tell the millions? Who will lift Jesus high?

1 thought on “Weekly Mind Dump

  1. kathleen carlan

    I realy enjoy getting your updates and especially the “mind dump” thank you so much for serving the lord! you are daily in my prayers


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