Weekly Mind Dump

✪ This Weekly Mind Dump is pre-written because I am probably somewhere out in the middle of the ocean on vacation with my family.

✪ I am excited about taking this time to get to spend with our family. We will be spending a lot of time with family and friends since we return to China in March.

✪ After some research this week, It seems there may be an opportunity for us to get a new visa that would free up much more time. Please pray for this situation. It is time sensitive with everything we have going on in February and leaving in March.

✪ Pray about other documents that we are getting certified for the Visa process and need to get back in a reasonable amount of time. Much of this is out of our hands and we are trusting the Lord.

✪ Continue praying for our families health. There are many more doctors appointments and things taking place before we leave. We would love to return to China with everyone healthy!

✪ China Video: Many people visit the Jile Buddhist Temple in Harbin China and offer incense to idols.

✪ I have enjoyed the missionary interviews and have been encouraged by the podcast “Leadership with Vision“. If you are interested in missions or ministry then you might want to check it out.

✪ Past Post: “Creative Access Countries” …yeah, what’s that?

✪ I am blessed with a great wife who does so much and two sweet girls just as beautiful as their mother. The Lord has been good to me!

✪ Pray for Laborers.

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