February 2013 Prayer Letter

Thank you for your prayers over the past couple months. Our family is starting to feel better and overcome much of the sickness that hit our family since our return to the U.S. We were excited to start traveling again this month and visit more churches.

Due to the sickness and having to make some necessary Doctor’s appointments before we return to the field, we moved our return date to the end of March.

One of the highlights of this month, so far, was that I had the opportunity to teach at the Our Generation Training Center on the Theology of Persecution. We had a great time studying the doctrine of persecution from Genesis to Revelation.

This month we have several prayer request that we want to mention:

  • Health – Continue to prayer for our family’s health in general.
  • Visas – We are working on getting a new visa that will allow us to have more time to do ministry in country. There is a lot of paper work and money that goes into this process, so pray the Lord will have His hand in it and bless the process so we can do more to serve Him in China. We are having several documents authorized now.
  • Laborers – It seems the Lord is starting to answer our prayers for laborers. Some are in training and others are in the decision process. Pray the Lord will continue to work in lives and that He will send forth laborers into His harvest.
  • Travel – Pray for safety as we will be traveling in several states over the next month.
  • Church Planting Fund – Praise! We are at 92% of our goal for funds raised! Only 8% left to reach $7,500.
  • Support – We are wanting to raise a little more support before we return that will help with the change in cost of living. Also, we are looking to purchase a vehicle within this year in our new city.
  • Re-entry – Lord willing, we will be returning to China at the end of March. We are already “setup” but will have to get back into the habit of speaking Chinese and Lord willingly, we will be starting our first church.

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayers and financial support!

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