Weekly Mind Dump

✪ 23 days until we return to China!

✪ Last Sunday night we dropped into a church and they invited me back to preach this past Wednesday. We had a great service and we were humbled by the friendliness and positive attitude of the church. We look forward to partnering with them.

✪ On Wednesday I got a call from a church that I preached at about two years ago. The pastor informed me that their missions giving was doing well and they were wanting to partner with us. It worked out perfect for us to drop by on Sunday morning! We had a great meeting and a new partner in the ministry.

✪ Sunday night our meeting got rescheduled. On our drive back to North Georgia we ran out of gas on 475. Finally, we were able to get gas and then decided to drop in to the closest church we could find. It ended up being a huge blessing and the pastor invited us to come back and present the ministry!

✪ I talked with another pastor this week who said they will be voting soon to partner with us in the ministry, Lord willingly.

✪ Past Post: Culture Shock – What it is and some ways to deal with it.

✪ China Video: Polarland in Harbin, China

✪ I have been surprised by how many Muslims I have seen in America recently, especially in Florida.

✪ We are thankful for the time we were able to spend with my wife’s side of the family this past week. They are all a blessing to us!

✪ Jesus must increase, but I must decrease (John 3:30).

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