March 2013 Prayer Letter

I am so thankful for the opportunity that God allows me to serve Him. I know that I am not worthy, nor do I have the talents and abilities within me to accomplish much for God, but through His grace and power, He can and will do a mighty work for His honor and glory.

I have enjoyed being back on the road and visiting churches again. I love to preach and present what God is doing in China. We are so privilege to have the jobs that we do. Every week we get to visit churches and fellowship with believers from all over. Some we are meeting for the first time, while others we are being reunited with.

Our meetings have been great. God has been working through them and we are seeing more people partnering with us in getting the gospel to China. I am looking forward to our final weeks in the States and seeing what God is going to do!

As we prepare to leave at the end of this month, please be in prayer over the following:

  • Visas – We have applied for our special visas and are waiting to see of they get approved. Please pray this goes through, as it will open many doors for us.
  • Travel – We will be traveling in GA, TN, and OH over the next few weeks before we finally travel back to China. Pray for safety and God’s blessing as we are on the road and in the sky.
  • Church Planting Fund – We only need $600 more to reach our goal!
  • Support – Praise! We have had four churches contact us about partnering with us! Pray as we are still wanting to raise a little more support before we return.
  • Ministry – We are looking forward to starting our ministry in China when we return. Pray for our language and adjustment when we return.
  • Laborers – China is the largest nation on the planet! It needs laborers who will deny their comforts, carry the gospel banner and live to the glory of God! Will you consider your life?

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayers and financial support!

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