Weekly Mind Dump

✪ “Prayer needs no passport, visa or work permit.” S.Gaukroger

✪ China Video: Crossing the Street in China can be very interesting!

✪ Last Monday we drove to Ohio and we were welcomed by lots of snow on Tuesday!

✪ Wednesday we dropped into the church I grew up in, The Baptist Tabernacle, and were able to be there for the first day of their missions conference. We had a great time!

✪ Sunday morning we had a scheduled meeting in Covington, GA. The church was on their fifth week of revival. We had a good time and I enjoyed speaking in the service.

✪ Sunday evening we returned to the church we dropped into last week in Macon, GA. I had the opportunity to preach and present. The church family was very sweet and we look forward to partnering with them!

✪ Past Post: Cultural Dos and Don’ts – Good reminders for short-term groups.

✪ This Thursday our home church is having a send off service for us. If you are in the area, we would love for you to come! Only 16 days before we return home to China!

✪ Does China have states or provinces? China has 33 divisions. It is divided in the following way: 22 provinces, 4 municipalities, 5 autonomous regions and 2 special administrative regions.

✪ Pray this week for: (1) our families health – everyone seems to be sick again. (2) Our visas to be approved – we sent them off and now are just waiting to get them back Lord willing. (3) Laborers – God to raise up an army of Chinese men to carry the gospel banner!

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