Weekly Mind Dump

✪ Wednesday we were driving from OH to TN so we dropped into a church in Richmond, KY. The pastor allowed me to share about our ministry in China and bought our meal. Thank you pastor and church family.

✪ Thursday, our home church had a send-off service for us and another family leaving next month. I was honored to be able to preach. At the end of the service the church laid hands on us and prayed over us. We are thankful for a great home church.

✪ I preached on “Forgetting Not But Thinking On”! I have really been challenged about thinking on the right things because our thoughts affect our attitude and our attitude affects our life and ministry. I hope to write about this more in the future.

✪ Friday morning I was able to attend “Friday Class”. This is where our pastor teaches us about life and ministry for four hours. Then that evening we had a missionary team meeting. Everyone on our team that is in the area comes together for a time of fellowship and teaching. We are so blessed to work with such a great team! God allows us to work with some of the best people in the world!

✪ Sunday morning we were able to join our home church for Celebration Sunday, which is their anniversary Sunday. The church has been around for seven years and God has done many great things in and through the church. After the service we enjoyed lunch with the church family and then an afternoon service, where I and a couple other missionaries were able to speak. This was our last service there before we head beck to China.

✪ Sunday Night we were in a missions conference at Calvary Baptist Church Toccoa, GA. I had a great time presenting and we were humbled by the gifts from the church. Thank you pastor and church family for your generosity.

✪ China Video: Pray for this city! On the Coast in Dalian, China

✪ Past Post: Moving On – “Closeness” slowly fades from those who were apart of your everyday life.

✪ The time to say goodbye is here. It is exciting that we only have 9 days until we return to China, Lord willing, but hard to say goodbye to friends and family. Many of our missionary friends, we aren’t sure when we will see them next.

✪ Pray for: (1) Our visas to be approved – We are hoping to hear something this week. (2) Wisdom – in some final decision we need to make before we leave. (3) Strength and safety – as we will be doing a lot of travel and packing.

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