Moving in China: Our Experience

We have only moved houses once in China and as with most things in China, everything didn’t go so “smoothly”. This makes for interesting life and blog post!

We lived in the same house for almost two years and then we decided we were going to move. But we weren’t going to just move houses but also cities. When we rented our first place, we also remodeled it and bought all of our furniture and appliances. Therefore, we had a lot of stuff to move and/or sell.

After a three-day trip to our new city (read about it here) we rented a house and planned the move (July 2012). We put things up for sale that we didn’t need to take and then start packing up everything else.

The first thing we had to do was find a moving company (or a way to get our stuff from point A to point B). One afternoon as I was coming back home, there was a moving truck parked right in front of our building. They were moving someone into our building. I stopped to talk with them and we discussed the possibility of moving us 10 hours away. After some bargaining we came to an agreement.

The plan was they would come the day before the move, prepare everything to be packed into a truck and then the next day they would pack up the truck and start driving down to our new apartment. We would fly out that evening so we could arrive there before they did and get the keys from the landlord and pay the rent.

(Note: To make the trip more interesting… I took medicine that I had a major allergic reaction to the week before the move. So the two days before the move I was in bed all day sick fighting the reaction to the medicine. To say the least, I wasn’t feeling in tip-top shape. The week happened so quick, that we didn’t even get to say goodbye to everyone we wanted to.)

Everything was going according to plan until they couldn’t fit everything into one truck. We were in a bind and had to rent a second truck and it wasn’t cheap but we bargained some more and worked out a deal.

Everything was packed up and the two trucks took off. We finished cleaning the house and then headed to the airport. We got to the airport and our flight was delayed. Then it was delayed and then delayed again! It is not a good sign when the airline serves you dinner while you are still sitting at the gate! I don’t think we got on the plane until after the moving truck already arrived in the new city! Finally, we arrived in the new city after midnight.

We took a taxi to the hotel we had reserved to let my wife and kids rest. When we got to the hotel the trunk on the taxi was broken. It simply would not open and all our luggage was in there. So I checked the family into the hotel and then went with the taxi driver to find a mechanic at 1 AM in the morning. I don’t know how he did, but we found one and he was able to fix the problem. We returned to the hotel to find everyone awake because it was so hot and stuffy in the room. The air conditioner was broken. We had to change rooms.

I then went to the house to meet the movers because they wanted to unload the stuff and head back to the other city. I went over there and met the home owner and paid him the rent and he gave me the keys. The movers started to move everything into our new house and put all the furniture back together. Well, almost back together. When the took everything apart, they put all the pieces and screws etc. in one box and then guessed where everything went when they put it back together.

At about 3 or 4 AM they finally got done and I was able to return to the hotel and crash. Then we moved into our home later that day.

We thank God for a safe move and to have a wonderful new apartment!

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  1. Kathy Carlan

    I enjoy so much hearing of your adventures in China.I believe you are going to do a wonderful work for the Lord in your new city.Why else would the devil have tried so hard to discourage you! I will continue to pray for you all daily.


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