Confessions & Things Learned

Furlough is good for a time of review and self-evaluation. There are four areas that I have been challenged in personally that I want to work on, especially now that we have returned to China.

(1) Attitude – Moving to China has been my dream and it still is. I dream of what God can and will do in China. But somewhere along the way I let my guard down and let small negative thoughts creep into my life and give me a bad attitude. It has helped me to stop and step back as I look at the big picture and realize I had a bad attitude in certain situations. I have repented of this and I am ready to move forward with the Lord’s help.

(2) Prayer – Prayer is hard for me. After hearing another preacher tell of his struggle with prayer, it encouraged me that I wasn’t the only one. I have seen God answer so many prayers since being in China but I need to be more disciplined in this area of my life.

(3) Witness – I think the shyness of the language caused me to overlook so many opportunities that I was given. Don’t get me wrong, I was preaching the gospel every week but I wasn’t taking opportunity of daily conversations and opportunities. If it is my time and life, then I could use it for myself, but if my time and life is God’s then I should use it for him.

(4) Family – I have failed at properly leading my family. I failed at developing the proper attitudes and taking the proper amount of time to lead and nurture my family through a tough transition. The Lord has been so good to us and we are privileged to serve him. There is a spiritual battle taking place. The devil would love to destroy our family and set off a bomb that would hurt all around us. I need to keep my guard up: lead, watch, pray!

Those are my confessions and things that I have learned over furlough. I thank the Lord for teaching me and allowing me to continue to serve him. I don’t won’t to do anything else with my life. I want to be sold out for him!

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  1. Tom Hatley

    God bless you Brother Mark. Honesty with God goes a long way. I appreciate your transparency. Prayer is spiritual warfare as well. There is a reason why The Word of God says: “Pray without ceasing.” The Bible does not say: study, preach, or witness without ceasing, but PRAY. Of course we are be faithful in these other areas as well. However we all need to live in the presence of God. All else is vain if we do not. Long before one will stop: giving, studying, witnessing, or even attending church, one will stop praying….If the Devil can’t get us, he will go after our families. I love you Bro.Mark. I see great wisdom in your post and I praise God for it.


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