Missionary Potential (2 of 2) Practical Lessons

Here are some practical thoughts about missionary potential:

Potential demands that you never settle for what you have accomplished.
A lot of us dream about doing GREAT things for God! And we can! But we can’t settle for the great victories of the past. Allow your dreams to grow. We need to be careful to not allow the small successes destroy the great possibilities of the future.

One of the greatest enemies of your potential is success.
In order to realize your full potential you must never be satisfied with your last accomplishment. Success is dangerous because (1) it allows us to be comfortable and feel like victors, thus causing us to feel accomplished (2) builds up the pride that comes before destruction.

Never let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.
Potential in not necessary doing the impossible. It isn’t focusing on what you can’t do. All of us have limits. But we don’t need to focus on what we can’t do and but focus on what God CAN do through us.

A great tragedy in life is a life that never realized its full potential.
Graveyards all around the world are full of unused and unusable potential. Don’t let this be the story of your life. Spend and be spent for the cause of Christ.

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