Weekly Mind Dump

✪ We are back in China. Praise the Lord for safe traveling and for this opportunity!

✪ Traveling across time zones is weird. We left on Wednesday afternoon and arrived in China Friday morning. Where did Thursday go? You get confused on what day it is for a while.

✪ We flew into our city during the morning hours therefore we could spot our apartment from the airplane. First thought as we walked into our apartment: “Glad to be home”.

Read the March 2013 Project China Team Update.

✪ China Video: Crosswalk Views in Dalian, China

✪ Past Post: “In the Middle” – Learning about me.

✪ We are making the necessary adjustments of moving back: Registering at the police station, getting things setup, buying the necessities (food, phone etc), reconnecting relationships and trying to stay awake.

✪ Going from culture to culture is weird. When you are in one you can’t really even think of the other. It it like your mind has two tracks and you can only run on one at a time. Maybe I will write more thoughts about that later.

✪ Happy Easter! This week in China they are celebrating the “Tomb Sweeping Festival”. Wow, what a contrast to the meaning of Easter! Jesus grave is empty, He is alive!

✪ Pray for me. There are so many opportunities and I want to make the best use of them and my time for the glory of God. Pray for God to raise up laborers here and send some more from other parts of the world (USA, Peru, Chile, etc.)

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