Musings as we start a church…

Tomorrow we are going to be holding our first service of our new church plant.

I am really excited about it. I have dreamed of this. I have studied about the church all day and can’t wait to share my excitement with the few other Christians who will come.

This is the first step, start to assemble with believers and study the Word! Of course, we are inviting unbelievers to come and learn of our great God. I can’t wait till we see some of them come to know Christ and start baptizing them. I can’t wait until we share the Lord’s supper together and remember Christ death and His coming again. Assembling together for the edification and proclamation of the Word and partaking in the ordinances are the start of a local church.

I sent text inviting people the we have already made contact with and distributed flyers to people on the streets around the hosing complex.

I was overwhelmed at how dense of an area this is. As I was walking around, the apartments just kept going. There is new construction, which will hold thousands of more people in the years to come.

Will people come tomorrow?

The younger generation seems to be more receptive to my invites, while the older generation seems to be very closed. Many of the older generation can’t even read and so they need to literally “hear” the gospel.

Will families come with their children and learn from a young age?

If people do come, will they understand my Chinese. Can I articulate clear enough that it wont be a hinderance to the gospel?

The one thing that I do know is that Jesus is the head and foundation of the church and He will build it!

5 thoughts on “Musings as we start a church…

  1. Joy Trojahn

    So excited for you and praying for this ministry!! Will be praying for answered prayer above and beyond what we would ask or think! God bless!


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