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✪ China Video: Mountainside Graveyard in Dalian, China

✪ Past Post: Things that are Different – Lists of things that we find different in China.

✪ Bible Expo 2013! Our home church is hosting another Bible Expo April 18-19, 2013. Check it out if you are interested in learning more about the Bible!

✪ We had our first service of Dalian Gospel Baptist Church on Sunday! We had 1 Chinese come Sunday morning and 4 Chinese come Sunday night. Praise the Lord! 2 of the 4 proclaim to be Christians.

✪ Thursday I invited the first few people from the community to the church. They all said “no”. Saturday was a little better. I had three people show interest in coming.

✪ I started to give out Bibles randomly throughout the day and I have been surprised at people’s reception of them. I have only had two people turn me down and they were older and couldn’t read. Maybe I should buy some audio Bible for when that happens.

✪ One morning last week I was out running and stopped by the ATM. There was a homeless man sleeping inside the building where the ATM is (it’s cold outside here). As I was pulling out money, I realized how spoiled I was. I woke him up, gave him some money and wanted him to know that God loved him. I tried to talk with him for a while as puss dripped from his infected black lips. I ran back home and got him a bible and I hoped he knew that God loves even him!

✪ I am excited that one of our team members, John, was able to return to China this past week. Pray for his mother and mother-in-law who both found out they have cancer. It is hard to be away from out during a time like that. Pray God to use their lives in China in a great way!

✪ If you are coming to China for long-term having a “i-something” can be a huge help. I recommend the following apps. For study and preparation: Pleco (with all the add ons), Evernote, Logos, Kindle, Pages. For easy communication with the States you can use: iMessage, Heytell, Talkatone, FaceTime, Gmail.

✪ Out of the four that came Sunday, three of them were guys in there 20’s. Pray that God does a work in their hearts and will raise up a generation of Chinese leaders to carry the gospel banner!

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