Weekly Mind Dump

✪ We had 3 of the Chinese that came last week come back this week. Praise the Lord!

✪ We started our Friday Outreach, which is an English Corner, and we had 6 people show up for that.

✪ An English corner is basically a free English class or activity where everyone can practice their English. We started one at the church on Fridays and I basically will teach a verse from the Bible in English and then let them ask questions.

✪ Pray Request: April 28 – May 1 we are going to be having an outreach campaign in our city. Three of the churches the previous city we worked in are sending around 40 people to help us get the word out about the church. It will on the Chines labour day holiday. Pray for wisdom, boldness, and that God will be glorified as we are faithful in this process.

✪ China Video: Evening in the City.

✪ Past Post: What is one of the hardships of living here?

✪ I love the idea of a Yokefellow Ministry and have already been encouraged by it.

✪ Special Event this week: Bible Expo April 18-19, 2013 in Alpharetta Georgia!

✪ Our youngest daughter took her “first step” at church on Sunday night!

✪ God has blessed our Project China team with 4 missionary families! We are praying that God will add another! Will you consider leaving everything behind and moving your family to the largest nation in the world to preach the gospel?

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