Weekly Mind Dump

✪ My wonder wife broke her toe yesterday at the house. Please pray that she can recover quickly! Also, pray for my grandpa who is in the hospital and not doing well.

✪ China Video: Mountain Top View in Dalian, China

✪ Past Post: Being on the Mission Field with a Kid – A help for parents.

✪ Thursday, we had three new people visit the church. One of them was a guy that I had the privilege to lead to the Lord last year before we left for furlough. I didn’t get to teach him very long before we left. This was the first time we were able to reconnect since being back. I was greatly encourage when he came and told me that he has been reading his bible and that he really believes! There was a humbleness about him and an eager spirit to grow!

✪ This coming Sunday night through Wednesday, there is going to be around 50 people (mostly Chinese and a few Americans) from 4 other churches that are coming to our city to help us get the word out about the church. Pray for wisdom and boldness!

✪ I am a backer of “The India Film Project“. Vision Baptist Missions is partnering with a media company to help produce this documentary about missions in India. I urge you to check it out and become a backer as well!

Project China is looking for interns to come to China! Last week, I spent an hour or so talking with some young men from Australia who are interested in coming to serve for a few months in China. God can use you! Are you willing?

✪ Pray for the older generation that we are trying to reach. Many of them seem so resistant to even hearing the message we have to share.

✪ Pray for the college students we are working with. Many of them have heard the gospel many times and yet still reject Christ. Pray that God does the work that only he can do. Pray they will see the glorious benefit and privilege of receiving Christ over their own ideas, culture and ways.

✪ Pray that we can reach families: dad, mom, and child. That one day we can see whole families worshipping our great God together!

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