My Wonderful Wife

My wonderful wife has really been a trooper since we returned to China…

…leaving family again (for the long-term), adjusting back to China culture, remembering and starting to speak Chinese again, dealing with jet lag, and then breaking her toe!

She unpacked the bags and put everything away. She has got the house setup again. She knows I hate painting, so she even painted the girls room by herself. The house is looking great and it is nice to come home to a place that feels like home!

She is a hard worker! I am so thankful for her! I am thankful for a wife that helps me in such a way that it allows me to do even more ministry.

She has offered to make dinner for our neighbors so that we can have them over and hopefully share the gospel with them.

I am thankful that she is my helpmeet and she has a servant’s heart. I love her!

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