City Outreach (Day 1)

This week I won’t be posting a weekly mind dump, simply because we are so busy.

We started our city outreach today.

Last night I picked up close to 50 people from the train station. The majority are from the churches up north that were started through our co-laborer’s ministry. They are taking a missions trip to help us start the church here.

Today, has been an awesome day! The Lord has been so good to us.

We started with a service in the morning.

Then we went out and found the busiest places we could and sang the same songs we sing at church.

As people stopped to listen, we gave them invitations to the church.

The group also bought shirts with the church name on the front and a bible verse on the back for everyone to where.

After lunch we went to the park by the ocean and had an afternoon service. After the service, 4 people got baptized in the ocean.

Finally, we let everyone rest and enjoy the evening.

We have two more days with different activities planned each day.

This is one of the boldest groups of people I have known. The Chinese are so encouraging and wanting to see the Lord do a great work in reaching their people!

God bless! Be Praying!

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