City Outreach (Day 2)

The day started early. As I was walking to the church I was stopped by a group of old men. They asked me about what was going on and told me that our singing was too loud. I explained everything that was going on and we seemed to come to an understanding. One asked if we were a cult. I explained we were a Christian church and invite them to come, but they decided not too. I don’t think he has ever been to church before since he asked how much it cost to go.

The service started at 8:30. It has been encouraging to see all the young preachers from the churches preaching.

After the service we tagged doors with a business card from the church that had all the information on it and John 3:16 on the back. Also, we included a flyer that answered the question “What is the Gospel?”

In the afternoon, we climbed a mountain to pray over the city. Also, we sang several songs and passed out invitations to the church to those were coming by and taking pictures of the group singing.

Finally, we returned to the church for another service. We even had a visitor come in from the road because he heard the singing. He said he just wanted to see what was going on. Also, I was privileged to preach for 30 minutes.

It has been a great day and the word about the church is getting out.

We are trying to be faithful in the process and leave the results up to God!

Final day tomorrow and then the group will return home. Please be praying!

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