May 2013 Prayer Letter

The Lord continues to pour out his blessings on us month after month. This month we are praising him for building His church and allowing us to be a small part.

We saw the Lord bless in our first major city outreach. Four Chinese churches (started through our colaborer’s ministry) partnered together to send around 50 people to help us do three days of outreach. It was exciting and encouraging to see the Chinese Christians boldly proclaiming the gospel, inviting people to church and desiring to reach their own people! Each day we usually had services in the morning and in evening and filled the day with different types of outreach.

Day 1 – We went to different parts of the city where there were large crowds, such as the market, and everyone sang together the songs we sing in church. As people stopped to listen, we handed them invitations to the church.

Day 2 – We taped a couple thousand business cards with the church’s information on it and a flyer that answered the question “what is the gospel?” to doors in the surrounding housing complexes. Most buildings in our area are seven stories tall and don’t have elevators!

Day 3 – We did a religious belief survey and passed out bibles to anyone that was interested. We had over 90 people take part in the survey and were able to give away several bibles to people interested in Christianity. Also, we invited them to church.

The group left and we were excited to see what God was going to do. The following day we had our normal scheduled service and 11 first-time visitors came. The following Sunday, 8 of them came back. I have received several phone calls from people interested in coming to the church and I have followed up with those who filled out the surveys. We hope to see more fruit from this outreach in the days ahead.

Another highlight of having the group here was 4 people were baptized. I was able to assist one of the pastors in baptizing 4 people from his church in the sea. It meant a lot to me because that pastor was the man who taught me to speak Chinese. I thank the Lord for small blessing like this.

The Lord is working and we are excited! Will you come and join us? There is much to do!

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayers and financial support!

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