Right Thinking (2 of 4) How do we start?

We have many means of input into our life. Preaching, music, TV, radio, books, movies, podcast, our conversation with others, our environment and everyday life. All of these things scream into our life to control our thoughts. But we are commanded to think on the positive ones. We aren’t to go and seclude ourselves from the negative thoughts but choose the positive ones to dwell on.

We can’t refuse to go to China because of the thoughts of persecution, being put in jail, being afraid of preaching the gospel or speaking in Jesus’ name. If you do dwell on these fears, then you likely won’t go (and many for this reason don’t go). In our context, focusing on fear will cripple your ministry.

So how do we start? Two suggestions:

(1) Pick out the “right” thoughts in your life. (Things you can’t control)
We have dozens of inputs already coming into our lives and we are going to “pick” or “choose to think” on the things that are prescribed in Philippians 4:8. Don’t let the negative thoughts come in, and if they do, don’t dwell on them.

(2) Put the “right” thoughts into your life. (Things you can control)
We are going to intentionally put the prescribed thoughts into our life. For example: Who can you think of that better fits the description of honest, just, pure, lovely, good report, virtue, praise than God himself. We are going to choose to think about God, and therefore, dwell on scripture.

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