Right Thinking (3 of 4) Psalm 103

When you are learning to think right, one of the steps is to put the ‘right” thoughts into your life. Think of this post as step 2 applied.

David gives a great example in Psalm 103 as he helps us think about God.

First, We see a challenge to praise (vs.1-2)

  • Bless: a feeling of gratitude and endearment, and even more so in this case, put into words/psalm.
  • Direction: We take the focus off of ourselves and we place it on God.
  • It is all about the Lord.
  • There are 45 references to the LORD in this psalm (Who, LORD, His, He)
  • Effort: This isn’t a casual dinner time prayer, it is a focused effort to praise God.
  • “Oh my soul”
  • “all that is within me”
  • Intentional: vs.2, “Forget not” We have a tendency to forget: 1.God 2. His Works.
  • David tells us to not forget “all his benefits” and the rest of the chapter describes the “benefits” of the Lord.
  • What can be more true, honest, just, pure, lovely, good report, virtue, and praise worthy than the Lord and all the benefits he bestows on our life.

Second, We praise by remembering the benefits of the Lord (vs.3-5)

  • We need to remember the following about the Lord our God:
  • Who forgives all thine iniquities.
  • Who heals all thy diseases.
  • Who redeems thy life from destruction.
  • Who crowns thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies.
  • Who satisfies thy mouth with good things;
  • “So that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” – There is a renewing for the follower of God to take time and think about all his benefits.

Third, We praise by meditating on the benefits of the Lord (vs.6-22)

  • The rest of the verse in this chapter deal with God’s goodness in light of the situation.
  • vs.6-7 – Righteous and Just
  • vs.8-18 – Merciful and Gracious
  • vs.19-22 – His Sovereign Rule.
  • We need to go back and realize our frame, we are just dust and our lives are temporary, but God is everlasting and great.
  • Our positive thinking is to think high of God and low of ourselves not high of ourselves.

1 thought on “Right Thinking (3 of 4) Psalm 103

  1. Peggy S

    I love this Psalm. I love to pray it back to God and meditate on His greatness. And often when I do all my “requests” fall away and I simply marvel at His mercy to save me, a wretched sinner. To Him be the glory in all that we do and say.


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