Loosing a Husband, Father and Son

I was watching the news the other day and there was a story about a man who recently died in an accident. It seemed as if he worked for an excavating company and worked hard to provide for his family. They were clearing out the side of a mountain when a tree fell on the bulldozer he was in. Needless to say, he passed away.

Then the news showed his wife. He was newly married. You could feel the pain she was feeling.

He had a very cute little son that wasn’t very old. Now the son wouldn’t know his father.

It showed the man’s mother and father. His mother was in bed crying at the loss of her son.

That day a wife lost her only husband, a son lost his only father, and a set of parents lost their only son.

As I watched this on TV and was trying to make out everything that was going on, I could see and feel the pain of their loss.

I realized they are just people like you and me.

They hurt like you and I hurt.

Loss of any type is painful but how much worse when you don’t know the Comforter.

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