Boldness Fail

I had a boldness fail the other day. I almost let fear win when someone was inquiring about the church.

I went to the Christian bookstore and bought 160 bibles and 10 audio bibles (I would have bought more bibles but that is all they had in stock at the moment). As I was checking out, the woman asked me about the bibles, why I was buying so many. I told her that we have a church and ask her if she was a Christian. She said she was a Christian and goes to a church.

We made our way to the elevator (she was helping me carry a couple of bags as I used the dolly to move the boxes of Bibles). As we waited for the elevator, she asked me about coming and visiting the church and she wanted the church phone number (which is my number). Then the thoughts came… people say that if you buy bibles in China, they will take your information and follow you. I entertained those thoughts as she stood there and waited for me to give her my phone number. I quickly gave her a number that had one number wrong, gave her the church website and told her the service times. I told her I didn’t have any business cards (that we just printed) and I didn’t, but I did have a flyer about the church and english corner that I could have gave her…and didn’t.

In that moment of entertaining the wrong thoughts I had a boldness fail. Proverbs says “The wicked flee when no man pursueth: But the righteous are bold as a lion.” I wasn’t acting like who I am.

As we stood there waiting, I thought to myself, “How can I expect God to do anything great in China if I am to afraid to give this woman the right phone number?” I realized I had no idea what her intentions were and I shouldn’t be the judge of that but leave it in the hands of a sovereign God.

I quickly corrected my actions and gave her the right number and told her to call when she wanted to come.

That was on a Wednesday. On Thursday, I got a text from her saying that her and a friend wanted to come and visit the church. I sent them the address. I left the situation in God’s hands and continued like we normally do.

About 20 min before the start of the service, her and a guy friend showed up. They came in the church and we started talking. It seemed as if they were genuine Christians and just genuinely interested in coming to see the church. They already attend another house church in the city but offered to help us in any way that we needed. That Thursday was one of our best services and largest attended service since we started the church.

The man who came with the woman even offered to help with the audio bibles we bought.

It was a blessing… that I almost missed… because of fear.

Maybe the cops will show up tomorrow or maybe these two people are really good undercover agents, but I will just leave that in the hands of my Sovereign God.

4 thoughts on “Boldness Fail

  1. Mary Gailey

    I’ve found that’s when we get a step higher in our faith with the Holy Spirit – your strength level spiritually just almost reached full! Praise His dear Name!

  2. Peggy S

    Thanks for sharing. I know there have been so many times I have failed to open my mouth when prompted by the Holy Spirit. Even while “safe” in the States.


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