The 4 Blocks of Ministry (1 of 3) Introduction

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During my time training, I realized something that was foundational for me in understanding how I was spending my time doing ministry. I realized that there was a major difference in being busy in ministries and doing “ministry”. Being busy in ministries will consume your time and leave you without much fruit. A lot can be accomplished yet still lack the fruit that you desire.

I didn’t know how to put everything into words exactly at that time, but as I started thinking about this over time the pieces started coming together.

As we started traveling on deputation and visiting churches I started to see a pattern in growing and thriving churches.

Then I started to make a connection between what I had learned and what I saw. I wrote down four words: Bible, Evangelism, Discipleship, Ministries.

I know this may seem obvious, but stick with me.

I noticed that people who seemed to be succeeding were strong in all of these areas and not just one or the other. They had solid Bible teaching, they were getting the gospel out, discipling believers and getting people to serve in different ministries.

I know this is simple but it is what I discovered… healthy growing churches seemed to be active in all of these areas and these are the areas I was trying to focus on in ministry as well.

As I was trying to compute all this in my brain, I realized that there was a problem…

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