The 4 Blocks of Ministry (2 of 3) The Problem

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As I stated in the first post, I learned there is a difference between being busy with ministries and doing ministry. The difference in my opinion is, “ministries” is just one of four blocks. Doing ministry consist of all four blocks (Bible, Evangelism, Discipleship, Ministries).

The problem that I noticed is: People often only see two blocks and not four.

Bible | Evangelism-Discipleship-Ministries

Most people see the need for solid Bible teaching and a lot of churches do a good job at offering that four times a week (Sunday School, Sunday Morning, Sunday Night, Wednesday night).

But then everyone lumps evangelism, discipleship and ministries into the same block.

Therefore, a problem arises. If a person is heavy on the ministries side (special singer, teach children’s church, run a bus route, etc.) then they think they have completed the other two blocks also because they see it as one combined block.

The problem is that they are three separate blocks and no matter how many “ministries” you are involved in, you still need to be involved in evangelism and discipleship. That is why we separate it into four individual blocks.

Bible | Evangelism | Discipleship | Ministry

Evangelism and Discipleship aren’t optional but commandments given by the Lord Jesus Christ in the great commission (Matthew 28:18-20). We have to be careful not to become so overloaded with “ministries” that we stop personally going out to win souls and disciple others.

Do you see two blocks or four?

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