The 4 Blocks of Ministry (3 of 3) The Plan

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I am in the process of planting a church. As I think through these four blocks and apply them to what we are doing here, I further defined these four blocks:

(1) Solid Bible Teaching and Preaching
(2) Consistent Evangelism
(3) Life-On-Life Discipleship
(4) Areas of Ministry to Serve

The Plan: These four areas will look different at each church but should be present in a healthy church. As I was thinking of a way I could personally measure this in my life and be accountable, I came up with the “4, 3, 2, 1 Plan”. It goes something like this:

4 hours of solid bible teaching each week.
I hope that I can spend at least four hours a week teaching and preaching the Bible to the church here. This could include service times, small groups, or classes as long as it is available to everyone in the church. In return the church will have 4 hours of opportunity learn from Bible teaching.

3 hours of new evangelism each month.
I know this doesn’t sound like a lot but there is a reason that I put “new” into the plan. I want to spend time reaching new people and new areas. This wouldn’t count time spent on visitation (visiting those who you have already visited) but is strictly time set a part to go somewhere new and reach someone new. It is keeping the gospel moving forward and going into new areas.

2 people with whom I have life-on-life discipleship with.
This goal isn’t counted in time because it is life-on-life. Why 2? Because it gives me something to start with and pray for. It is a starting point not a stopping point. If one is busy then they other might not be. I want to pour my life into the next generation of leaders here in China. I also hope to encourage those 2 to have 2 :-)

1 ministry that I can faithfully serve in.
I can’t and won’t start every ministry in the church but I can find one area to be faithfully serving in. I, personally, don’t have many talents, so defaulting to evangelism and discipleship is easy for me. But I think the ordinary person has many more talents than me and ends up getting really busy in this block. I am going to try to pick only one.

Accountability questions:
– Did I teach the bible 4 hours this week where anyone could come and hear?
– Did I spend 3 hours this month reaching new people with the gospel?
– Am I spending time with 2 men for life-on-life discipleship?
– Am I involved in just 1 ministry of the church and being faithful to it?

There is a basic plan from the four blocks I noticed over the past few years. I hope these thoughts will be a help and basic guide on how to perceive ministry.

Note: This is not an definitive or exhaustive list of everything that should be or is found in healthy churches.

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