10 Reasons Missionaries Should Consider VBM

People often ask me about which mission board to go with and my answer is always Vision Baptist Missions. It is a great mission board. It is a local church mission board based out of my home church, Vision Baptist Church. The board definitely is not a fit for everyone and you are required to have a year of training through the board or church, but if you are a missionary considering mission boards, here are 10 reasons why I think VBM is a good option:

(1) Training – Every missionary needs continual training. Training is at the heart of why this board exist. Training includes everything from language, ministry, culture adaptation, culture shock and the things a missionary deals with.

(2) Philosophy – Our philosophy of ministry is Be, Do, Serve, Train. Our goal is to train men. Not every one understands that…it takes awhile to sink in. You think you get it but you don’t.

(3) Family – Going to the mission field is hard on your family and marriage and VBM can help. We are a family, not just a mission board.

(4) Team – You may have one guy to help you on the field, which is great, but how about a team of missionaries all over the world who are there to really help you? Each at different levels of ministry that you can learn from.

(5) Testimony – VBM has a good testimony in churches showing their missionaries are prepared and passionate. Also, ask any of the guys who moved there to get training, most will tell you they thought they were ready but found out they weren’t. They will testify to the necessity of the training VBM offers.

(6) Help – They will help you in all the stages of being a missionary: training, deputation, language school, planting a church, training men, furlough and doing it all again!

(7) Doctrine – They are doctrinally sound and you don’t have to worry about other members of the board teaching something of a different nature.

(8) Cost – The board doesn’t demand any specific amount of money out of your monthly support. Missionaries are encouraged to give and help to cover their cost and expand the reach of the ministry.

(9) Discipleship – The board has a discipleship philosophy and therefore it doesn’t have a large book of rules that dictates it missionaries’ decisions. It’s accountability structure is through its discipleship relationships.

(10) Local Church – The board is a local church ministry of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. The church is a church that understand missions and desires to help in whatever way that it can. This is reflected in the mission board as the local church part of all that they do.

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