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I started blogging at the recommendation of my mentor. When blogging started to get popular, he encouraged me to blog and allow people to keep up with our lives and ministry. And that is exactly one of the things I have been able to accomplish through maintaining this blog.

So if you are a missionary and considering blogging, consider the following:

(1) Keep pastors, partners, and praying friends up-to-date with your life in ministry. Blogging is a great way to write about your life and ministry as it is happening. People can subscribe for free and have the updates as so as you post them.

(2) Raise awareness, support, and laborers. I have been amazed at the different people who have followed my blog. People who wouldn’t normally know anything about this side of the world are now aware that this place exist and is in need of the gospel. As needs arise and as people follow your ministry and want to get involved, they will know how to invest.

(3) Teach others what you are learning. I am constantly learning new things. It could be from a book I read, an experience I went through, or a conversation with another. Blogging helps you take those things you are learning and giving it to others to learn as well. It challenges you to be a constant learner and think things through.

(4) Learn the discipline of writing. The discipline of writing has been a great addition to my life. Thinking things through and having a platform that encourages me to write down my thoughts with some feedback has been very helpful for me in learning how to write. This discipline has helped me learn in many ways.

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