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Now, lets look at the practical side.

First, you need a blogging platform. I use WordPress and recommend it. You can get a free blog and start there. Eventually you want to move that to your own domain and get a proper website address to go with it for easy reference. If you are not tech savvy, like me, then you can ask someone to help or pay someone to do this part. Also, you will need to mess around with it for a while, until you learn how to use it. Watch some intro videos and you should be good to go.

Second, you need an easy way for people to subscribe. I use MailChimp for email and Feedburner for the RSS feed. Both of these can track how many subscribers you have. Again, if you are not tech savvy, you can have someone else help you get this part setup.

Third, you need to write! This is the hard part that no one else can do for you. Write down your thoughts as you are thinking them. Take notes throughout the week on things you are learning or things you could blog about. Keep a long list of ideas. Jot down ideas like crazy. It might be a year before you even use some of the ideas. Then pick a time each week where you can come back and develop those thoughts. Maybe you will need to do more study on the subject, but spend time developing it into a blog post.

Fourth, you should have a blogging frequency. Try to figure out how often you want to blog and stay faithful at it. This will help keep you accountable and make blogging more enjoyable. You can actually prepare several blog post in advance so you don’t have to write at the last-minute. I try to post about 3 times a week (Mon. Wed. Fri.) and may alter the schedule if there is a special event going on that I want to report on. Of course, you don’t have to be as organized as this and can post randomly and still have success but I would image most people “under-blog” or “over-blog” when they don’t have a plan.

Fifth, have a blogging formula that is easy to follow. My first post of the week is a “mind dump” that includes 10 random thoughts, no more no less. If I have more thoughts than 10, I save them for the next week. The other two post are usually pre-written and fall within one of the predefined categories of things I like to write about. I have a small “posting formula” based on how long the series, when my prayer letter needs to go out and mixing up the categories. I plugged this formula into my calendar and it tells me when to post what.

Sixth, start blogging! If you have everything in place, then it is time to start. You probably won’t see hundreds flock to your blog right away. You will have to prove you are more than a one-month blogger. You might have to work at it to get subscribers like pushing your post on social media etc. But more than the number of subscribers you will get, realize the discipline of writing is a great addition to your life! Just write!

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