Weekly Mind Dump

✪ We had a good week of services. We praise the Lord for all that He is doing.

✪ Thursday we had two first time visitors, a mother and her son. The mother made a profession of faith after the service.

✪ Sunday morning we only had one Chinese. Sunday night we had a good crowd with two first time visitors and three people baptized.

✪ This was the first baptism of the church. We are hoping to baptized a few more next week, Lord wiling.

✪ My wife has written some great post on Culture Shock… Part 1 | Part 2

✪ China Video: Early Morning Sunrise

✪ Next week is the Our Generation Camp (May 27-31). Praying more young men will surrender to take the gospel to the world.

✪ Past Post: How long does it take to learn Chinese?

✪ Our oldest daughter (4 almost 5) has started going to kindergarten. She really loves it. I drop her off around seven in the morning and my wife picks her up when it’s time. We are hoping this will help her learn Chinese even quicker!

✪ We combined two English corners into one and it has helped in reaching more people and letting them know about the church. Pray we can use this outreach to let more people know about the church and reach them with the gospel.

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