Weekly Mind Dump

✪ We had two encouraging service Sunday and a good service on Thursday. It is exciting to see how the Lord is working in the hearts of the people.

✪ Two people were baptized on Sunday.

✪ Past Post: Route of Listeners (R.O.L.) – What is it?

✪ Please join me in praying for the Our Generation Camp this week. It starts today and goes through Friday!

✪ China Video: Video from the zoo and some monkeys.

✪ I have learned how to buy things online here in China the same way you would buy things online in America from Amazon or eBay. It has really been nice to learn how it works because there is so much available online!

✪ It is like another part of the culture to learn. It is a way of life that many use everyday. But there are a lot of people who never use the internet and have no idea about how to buy stuff from it.

✪ Being able to buy things from the internet allows you, no matter where you live in China, to buy things from online Import Stores, Christians Bookstore, Furniture/Appliances Dealers etc.

✪ I was even amazed at how many Christian goods are available online. There are tons of Christian books, bibles of all kinds and sizes. I even found the little plastic communion cups. :-)

✪ Thank you for your prayers! Keep praying, we need them!

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