Weekly Mind Dump

✪ We had the Lord’s Supper last night for the first time, showing the Lord’s death until he comes!

✪ There were three first-time visitors in the AM service and two first-time visitors in the PM service. None of them claim to be Christians. Pray for them.

✪ China Videos: Discovery Land and Big Splash.

✪ Past Post: China Doesn’t Need More Missionaries – But it does need…

✪ I am praying for three Chinese interns that will be willing to work with us for about four weeks over the summer. I have two that have confirmed and I am praying for one more. Not sure who this is, as we don’t have anyone else that would meet the qualifications yet.

✪ The first Burger King opened up in the city! And it is actually close to where we live!

✪ We are hoping to fix up our “church building” this coming week. The apartment is pretty old and could use some new paint. Now that we have a small core of believers, we have people to help!

✪ This past Saturday was “Children’s Day” here in China. It is basically like Mother’s or Father’s day but with the focus on the kids! You will see parents and children together all around the city playing, shopping and having a good time!

✪ It’s already June! Time goes by so quick. The weather here is in 60’s and 70’s so it has been very nice!

✪ Pray for God to raise up more laborers, Chinese and American!

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