Weekly Mind Dump

✪ Saturday we spent the day painting and cleaning the building we rent for the church. It is a very old building and needed to be updated.

✪ We had around ten or so people come out and help paint the church and they did most of the work.

✪ Painting in China is a different experience. Professional or first-time painters, it doesn’t matter, paint gets everywhere! It really is hard to explain. You just have to experience it.

✪ One of the older ladies in the church cooked lunch for everyone. It was so good!

✪ All in all, it was a good “work day” for the church and helped them to see and take some ownership.

✪ We had a good Sunday and a first time visitor on Sunday night. I enjoyed being able to explain the gospel to him after the service.

✪ China Video: This seems to be pretty common in our city…Sword Practice!

✪ Past Post: The “Getting There” Syndrome – Location isn’t priority.

✪ The Dragon Boat Festival is this week! Which means there might be a lot of 粽子zòngzi in my future! Zongzi is glutinous rice with a filling wrapped in leaves and boiled. They are super sticky and you can dip them in honey or sugar when you eat them!

✪ As many of you already know, my grandpa passed away this past week. It has been a hard week not being able to be there. He was a Christian and so there is comfort in that. I was able to send in a video eulogy and watch the funeral service online. Thank you to those who made all that possible. Thank you to those who have prayed for us!

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