The Passing of My Grandpa

Early Tuesday Morning

I got a call from my mom that my grandpa wasn’t doing good and only had a couple of days left. He had been dealing with health issues for around two years now and this news wasn’t a surprise.

I called my grandma and was talking with her when they had to immediately get off the phone because something was wrong. I could tell from their voices. He had passed away.

In Chinese the way you say “pass away” literally means “leave the world” or “depart life”(去世qùshì). I am thankful that he was a Christian and that in leaving this world he is going to a much better place.

Cherished Memories

I had an awesome grandpa and I loved him so much. I loved going to his house, working with him on the weekends as a teenager, going fishing and eating at Taco Bell together. He was just an enjoyable person to spend time with.

I have many great memories that I can cherish with him. One of the greatest memories is when he became a Christian later in his life. The Lord had used this grandson to help soften his heart and give him the gospel. The Lord is so good. Many prayers were answered the day the pastor from the church lead him to Christ.

I am thankful he had the opportunity to see his great-grandchildren. He loved on them and always had a smile when they were around.

We were able to return to the America and spend this last Christmas with him. We had a great time and he was able to meet our youngest for the first time.

A New Experience

Now we are in China. We didn’t return to the US for the funeral. It is hard not being there. I have shed many tears over the past several days and it has been hard to concentrate.

This is the first time we have been away when someone who we dearly loved has passed away.

I know that if I was in America there is nothing that I could do to fix the situation. I guess the hard part is that I miss being there to be able to comfort my friends and family. Missing being able to give them a huge hug and helping them get through it. As I think about it, there are just so many people who I want to give a hug to. But we are not there and so we must turn to prayer.

I had the privilege of sending in a video eulogy and watching the funeral online. Thank you for those who made that possible.

To our family and friends in the US, know that we love you and we are praying for you.

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