June 2013 Prayer Letter

As we reported last month we had several churches come do a huge outreach to help us start the church. We had a good response from the outreach and we are excited to report what God has been doing since then.

New Visitors – Every week since the outreach we have had new visitors come to the church. Many of them aren’t Christians and we had a chance to share the Gospel with them. We had one mother who received Christ after the service.

Baptisms – As new people came to the church we immediate started discipling them and teaching them about the fundamentals of Christianity. Over two Sundays we baptized five people who were ready to publicly proclaim their faith in Christ.

The Lord’s Supper – Following the two weeks of baptisms we started teaching on the Lord’s Supper. This was a new experience for just about everyone in attendance. After teaching on and making the necessary preparations we took the Lord’s supper together for the first time as a church family.

Work Day – The building we are renting for the church services is a little old and needed to be painted to make a more enjoyable place to meet. We spent a saturday together painting the building. It turned out great! It really helped unify us together. Those who couldn’t paint found other ways to serve, like making lunch or cleaning other parts of the building.

God is doing a work and we are excited to be a part of it! Will you come?

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayers and financial support!

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