Student Religious Belief Survey

The Aim and Purpose of the Survey

When we had the large group come down and help us do three days of outreach, I mentioned that we did a survey. The survey was called the “Student Religious Belief Survey.” The aim of the survey was to make an approachable way to meet people we don’t know in a public setting and let them know about the church if they are interested. We targeted the University since it has a high density of people in a small area.

The group that I went with targeted the guy’s dorm going door-to-door asking people to take part in the survey. The last question that we asked was essentially “Do you want to know more about Christianity?” If the answer was “Yes!” we handed them a card with the church information on it and offered to give them a free Bible.

The survey was also useful in collecting phone numbers that we could follow-up with via text message. For example, we sent everyone a text thanking them for participating in the survey and gave them basic information about the church. For those who noted they were interested, we send occasional texts reminding them about the church or church activities.

We have had at least 2-3 people come that I know of that were a direct result of the surveys. There may be more, since we have had a lot of first-time visitors recently, but I don’t know the means in which they heard about the church.

Crunching the Numbers

After collecting all the surveys, we crunched all the numbers together to find out what the most common answer was for each question.

You can download the full results of the survey here.

I will list some of the information and the questions that we asked with the top answer for each one below.

  • 100 Surveys completed and turned in.
  • 53 of those surveyed claimed to be male.
  • 51 provided their cell phone number.

Questions and The Top Answers

Q: What do you think our society needs?
A: Moral Development.

Q: According to your observations, what is the situation and trend of Chinese families?
A: Happy and will continually be happy.

Q: What is the largest religious group you came in contact with growing up?
A: Buddhism.

Q: Continuing from the above question, the reason you know that religion is?
A: Family or relatives’ religious belief.

Q: Do you believe in the existence of the spiritual world? (Can choose multiple)
A: No Answer.

Q: How do you regard death?
A: A man dies the way a lamp goes out.

Q: Would you like to learn more about Christianity?
A: No.

For more details on the survey, download the full report.

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