Weekly Mind Dump

Watch the first “China Ramblings Vlog!” God has done so much in the past months, I wanted to capture it on film and give you a sneak peek into our lives. You can subscribe to the YouTube channel for more updates.

✪ Happy Father’s Day to my Dad! I am honored to have a great godly dad to follow the footsteps of! Thank you Dad for serving the Lord!

✪ I had a good Father’s Day as well. I got to spend the day with my girls! Also, they got me a customized coffee mug that they colored themselves! Perfect gift!

✪ We had good services Sunday. I am teaching through the books of John and Galatians. I am really enjoying both books!

✪ Past Post: What Can Youth Pastors Do to Mobilize for Missions?

✪ I was notified that someone in our family gave money towards buying bibles in China in memory of my grandpa!

✪ Please continue praying for boldness, language, laborers, souls to be saved and the church that is being planted here.

✪ I am hoping the church can start a children’s class next month. I mentioned the idea to the small core we have coming and they seemed excited about it.

✪ “God uses men who are weak and feeble enough to lean on him.” H.Taylor

✪ “The future is as bright as the promises of God.” A.Judson

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