Weekly Mind Dump

✪ We had a good visit this past week with our Chinese and American co-labourers! We spent a few days taking about plans and having a good time.

✪ On Thursday, I let all the guys preach so the church here would get to know them. They all did a great job and the church really enjoyed it.

✪ Have I ever mentioned that I lead the singing. :-( I have always said we just wouldn’t have singing it there was no one to lead it, but it didn’t work out that way. Good thing our people like to sing, so you can’t hear me!

✪ Have you ever thought about why the bible was written like it is? Why stories and not just black and white list of rules. One said it is “stories with theological highlights.” Then it hit me… maybe… it is hard to explain grace without telling a story. Grace is best explained when you can see it applied.

✪ When a sender sends their own family, they can partially identify with what a missionary feels. A sender says goodbye to part of the family. The missionary leaves all the family at once. It is a small price we all pay to send the glorious gospel around the world!

✪ Our girls are growing up so fast! I love watching them grow up and spending time with them.

✪ China Video: Chinese Malls are really nice and huge!

✪ Past Post: Do you get it?

✪ We are planing short-term mission trips for 2014! If your church is interested in planing a trip to China, let me know!

✪ Pray for laborers, Chinese, American and whoever else is willing!

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