Weekly Mind Dump

✪ Watch the second China Ramblings! Vlog. Join us we order street food, take a motorcycle taxi and have some fun and fellowship with our American and Chinese colabourers. You can subscribe to our channel to get more updates in the future.

✪ What a great Sunday we had Sunday. We are excited to see all the Lord is doing!

✪ We had a visitor from a church we visited in Beijing when we lived there during our daughter’s birth last year. She is visiting family and we were glad to have here. Pray her family can be reached with the gospel.

✪ I was hoping to get caught up on some projects over the past few days before we start internships this week but I didn’t meet my goal. Therefore, I am going to have to take a break from my normal blogging schedule. I have too much going on over the next few weeks.

✪ I will continue to do these weekly mind dumps and keep everyone informed about what is going on.

✪ Things to pray for in the upcoming weeks is (1) internships (2) our first church outreach activity and (3) baptisms.

✪ Past Post: Blessings of Deputation – Why I am for deputation.

✪ The Our Generation Summit is January 1-3, 2014. Check out this video to find out “What can you expect if you come?

✪ Pray for God to continue raising more laborers for the mission!

✪ Jesus is alive! He lives today!

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