Weekly Mind Dump

✪ Things are getting really busy around here! My schedule is constantly changing, so there will be some lag in the regularly postings as I mentioned last week.

✪ We had our first church activity at the park and it went great! We had about three new visitors come. Everyone brought food to share, we sang the praise songs we knew, and enjoy the time of fellowship together.

✪ Also, we had one lady who we baptized in the ocean!

✪ The internship has started. We had two guys signed up but one dropped out the day before. Therefore, we only have one guy participating right now, but it is going great!

✪ China Video: Here is a look at a Chinese Supermarket!

✪ Past Post: Learning to Speak Chinese – What is the difference?

✪ OG Summit Video: “How is your life shaped by the Great Commission?

✪ A lady visiting the church from Beijing invited us to eat with her family. We had a great time meeting them and making contacts with them.

✪ We are looking at planning a movie outreach in the future.

✪ Thank you for your prayers!

1 thought on “Weekly Mind Dump

  1. Ronnie Munson

    My wife, Chyrle, and I call your names out to our Lord every Monday morning. May He bless your many efforts in His service to others with the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ! May God call others to harvest the great fields in China. With our thanksgiving to God for you! Serving Him with Assist and Relief Ministry (ARM) to Missionary, a ministry of Eastern Avenue Baptist Church, St Cloud, FL, Pastor Jim Callen. God Bless! Ronnie & Chyrle


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