Weekly Mind Dump

✪ The internship has been going great these past few weeks.

✪ We are trying outreach in new areas and seeing if we get any response.

✪ I finished teaching through Galatians on Sunday morning.

✪ Past Post: How Many Unique Characters are in the Chinese Bible?

✪ China Video: Rooftop View

✪ Summit Video: “Why Should Students Make it a Priority to be at “The Summit

✪ I was invited to be a part of a wedding of someone I don’t know. This should be interesting.

✪ A couple of our church people returned to their hometown and we were able to give them a written “sermonette” or tract to use to teach their family more about the gospel.

✪ Got confirmation that we are having at least one intern from Australia joining us in December.

✪ Been reminded of a lot of things recently, most importantly how I need the grace of God!

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